Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doggie Owners Beware! Deer Ticks!

As you most of you know I have a new riding and building sidekick named Baker, he's a mutt-combo-trifecta of Chocolate Lab, Chow and Pit Bull. He and I ride great together but as soon as I meet up with another rider things get whacky. Miles Sullivan is really the only person that can be mad at Baker because of a recent incident on Extended Play. (Miles, he's grounded!)

But what is really important right now, due to 'El Nino' is the insect world has launched a heavy attack on canines. This morning I pulled 3 'Deer Ticks' off 'Bakers' chin and chest area. If your unaware of the dreaded Lymes Disease you can recieve from a 'Deer Tick' then scope this interesting article and doing some internet research I found there are cases of Lymes Disease in this county. So check your little trail buddy. He might have one. Prevention by Inspection is the one thing I want to everyone to remember when riding MTB in Post, Syncline or Nesters with your dog.

My wife has enforced the leash law too, so I lose my trail buddy until fall and thats humbling. But if you whip out this really cool 'Ticked-Off-Tool' then Baker has a chance for a few more hours on the trail before its really bad. Still, its tough on him to pull them out- he does not like it one bit. Little Hand Ranch Supply is your location to pick one up for under $5 bucks.

Please keep your pets safe and pack this tool too! Who knows, you might have to self medicate-extract one in the near future. Ride Smart- Ride Safe.

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