Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Party Callout for Sat Feb 13th

Trailbuilder Craig Cleary has requested help this Saturday at Family Man to finish the decommissioning of the off-road vehicle damage. A group will meet at 9:30am and work until noon. Dogs welcome, bring gloves, water and snacks to keep yourself happy.

Afterwards a small session usually breaks out- so don't forget to bring your bike either.

And those of you able to help out on Monday Feb 15th- A small work party will be out working on 'Postal'- Meet at Post Flats and bring tools. Bring dogs, snacks and water to keep yourself happy as well. Starting at Noon, we will focus on creating a small burn pile of the former wood stunts. A full on trail remodel is occuring there and all the help is needed to get that area 'session-able' again. Trailbuilders Mike Estes and NWSOF Founder Sam Pinner are teaming up to bring a very unique area to ride hardtails and small travel bikes. A name change will occur when the trail is finished so stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to all of you in advance for supporting the Gorge Freeride Blog, recently the # of followers is growing and without your support our efforts would be futile.

Please ride with garbage bags- the amount of garbage on Post Canyon Drive and Riorden Hill Rd is at an all time high. Your help is greatly appreciated when you stop and pick up litter. Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl shall smile down on you eternally. Ride smart and ride hard!

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  1. Estes, thanks for the info! I need to check more often so I can make it.