Friday, February 4, 2011

'Middle School' Trail Changes: Ladder Drop Blocked, Decomissioned

Just a heads up. Last Ladder drop feature was removed today. Expect some minor changes and expect big changes next fall when we 'Build Season' fires back up.
I think 'Paintball Art' held class last night. 
Sam taking out a feature that has 'taken-out' a few riders in its time on Middle School. 
Proof of some serious 3rd ring bashing causing the 'OTB'  effect resulting in unhappy riders. 
Ladder decomissioning. 
Looking back up the trail. Crib will be removed restoring this section. 

1 comment:

  1. Build it bigger wanker. I think a 20foot drop should go there at middle school, its bigger than 10 and smaller than 30. Middle school should now be called Elementary School or Kindergarden, or special Needs. Yeah that 3 footer was way Big and Tech