Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cleaning Up Family Man

In the background of the first image you will see 'carcass' strewn about just off the 100 Loop trail. 

 Here is proof that anyone athletic and enjoys breathing fresh air is not the culprit. MTB'rs don't smoke or.........

....Drink flavored alcohol. Teenagers.  

Look carefully at the debris scattered over a small city block. Took me over 45mins to clean up this area. Christmas tree disposal? 

My bounty of condoms, beer cans, soda cans, cigarettes, newspaper, magazines, bottles, fast food wrappings, candy wrappings. Later Ryan Goodwin arrived and pulled out yet another full bag of garbage after I had left. Just one can to go. Photo by Sam Pinner.

This is only a small percentage of the garbage found around Post Flats, FM, Binns Hill and several locations thru-out the trail system. Put the word out that people need to carry garbage bags or start reporting this to authorities. I'm packing garbage bags and a camera.

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  1. Thanks guys, sucks that other folks are trashing the areas we hold so dear. I'm guessing the count of bike-related stuff was pretty negligible.