Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rhythm Trail Re-Born

Friday Feb 4th, Sam Pinner and Myself will be leading a small work party on 'Middle School' and invite anyone willing to help for a couple hours to meet us at 11am at the Family Man Parking Area. We are going to 're-model' 'Middle School' and improve the user experience. Its possible that Sat Feb 5th another small work party will be hammering on 'Bad Motor Scooter' starting around 10am and will last 4 hours (min) so bring water, gloves, your favorite tools, snacks, 4 legged companions, personal entertainment, vices (Corey Tepper), after work refreshments, etc. both days.

Sam Pinner discussing 'Bad Motor Scooter' with HR County Foresty Asst. Mgr Henry Buckalew Fall 2010 

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