Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progress: 'Drop Out' New Feature

Quietly and honestly Chris Elsmore utters "It won't work." Craig Cleary and I gander at the new wallride on 'Drop Out' and with a quick glance at Chris he offers a very scarcastic smirk. We erupt in laughter. Trailbuilding. The guys that go out and work on projects constantly get criticized by 'other' riders. Its literally a curse 'cause I don't know one trailbuilder that wakes up and says to themselves 'I'm gonna go make something absurd and dangerous that looks like crap' Its only the inexperienced builders that master that one. So folks, behold the largest wooden structure in Post Canyon is nearing completion.
Auntie's Kitchen Will Be Open Soon! 

Trailbuilder Chris Elsmore

Craig Cleary leading the charge to get this thing completed, he wants to ride it. 

Chris (and the rest of us) could use wood donations. If you have down trees on your property and can donate them to finish this TTF then feel free to contact Mike Estes at mikeestes@mac.com so I can arrange a crew to make it happen.


  1. Yaayeah, tons o fun

  2. How do I get involved in trail building?
    I wanna do my part. I use the hell out of that canyon.
    I ran past a guy cutting a trail in on the north side of Post Canyon Road yesterday and wanted to help, but don't know how to join in.
    I have shovels, an axe and gloves.
    Let me know.

  3. Rob- Checkout the most recent post on the blog. Looking forward to seeing you there!