Saturday, June 12, 2010

New and Improved 'Cake-Walk' Drop on Chorus X

Post Canyons CEO Trailbuilder Douglas Johnson sent out an email showing off the new 'Cake-Walk' Drop improvements to 'Chorus-X'.  Its now 16 inches wide and 3 feet longer to negoitiate that perfect 'Shore-style' run. I wonder if he did all this work at night, with a headlap and his iPod blasting his ears? All signs point to 'Yes'. Everyone owes that man a handshake and a genuine 'Thank You' for his devotion to Post Canyon. He builds it, we respect it- its that simple.


  1. I first got that e-mail at something like 245am. That man is responsible for a lot of what PC is about today.

  2. Good work Dad! The old man has probably spent more hours working at night then during the day. If anyone remembers he also spent some time scaring 24 hour racers!

  3. I can just see the face blanch white as they come across a guy on the trail at 3am with a chainsaw...