Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spaggetti Feed Mega-Post And PumpTrack Race Video

Last night a very special event happened to kick off 'Families In Family Man' when a local womens MTB club hosted a 'Post Canyon Trailbuilders Appreciation Party' by feeding us with lots of Spaggetti (cranking outta the factory) and lots of yummy salads to choose from. The sweet part was the refreshements had a huge range from wines to select beers as everyone chatted and absorbed the scene. A small bonfire kept the mosquitos away and you could hear the laughter of many children as they charged around the trails. I was told this morning in an email that $255 dollars was raised and that the purchase of a backpack sprayer to control obnoxious weeds will be placed in the hands of a dedicated trailbuilder. Pretty cool eh! Here's some great photos of the event. Thanks to all who attended and supported this heart warming, community gathering event that will forever be the epitmone of what riding your bike is all about. Cheers!

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