Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sandy Ridge Trail System Temporary Trail Closure June 3nd- July 20th

Source: Douglas Van Zandt-CAMBA

In order to address undesirable trail conditions and allow for installation of a trail bridge over Little Joe Creek, the Bureau of Land Management is instituting a temporary trail closure of Hide and Seek Trail.

Unseasonably wet weather coupled with high levels of visitor use has led to ongoing damage to Hide and Seek Trail. During the temporary closure, BLM will be performing priority maintenance including enhancing drainage and armoring various trail sections. Staying off of trail during this time will improve long-term trail conditions.

Throughout this period, bridge installation will also be taking place. Public safety concerns with bridge installation have led to the need to close certain sections of this trail while this work is performed. The Sandy Ridge Trails will be on a rotating schedule for the next 6 weeks. We are anticipating that all sections of Hide and Seek trail will open by July 20th.

Trail Closure Dates

June 3rd:

Entire Hide and Seek Trail Closed to Public Use

June 18th:

Lower Hide and Seek Trail (below Little Joe Creek crossing) Opens
Upper Hide and Seek Trail (above Little Joe Creek) Remains Closed

July 20th:

All segments of Hide and Seek Trail Open for Public Use

You can visit the BLM webpage: for trail related closures and periodic project updates or contact the BLM at 503-375-5646 with questions related to this trail closure.

Please respect these trail closures and refrain from accessing closed portions of the trail system.

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