Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Timberline Bike Park Update

Source: Timberline Lodge

Hello Riders,

Now that we're finally rolling into summer, we wanted to give you all an update on Timberline's mountain bike project.  Since our last communication, we have received an unbelievable amount of input. Hundreds of letters of support have been submitted to the US Forest Service. We've already received a ton of great ideas and comments on what the public is hoping to see in our mountain bike program once it's launched. Needless to say, this has energized us even further on our mission to create the best lift-accessed downhill mountain bike area in the US Pacific Northwest.
The US Forest Service has decided that it's important to do additional environmental analysis (known as an EA) and we are scheduled to complete it in December. This will require public involvement and an analysis of environmental impacts.
 Thanks for all the letters of support that have been submitted so far -- they have been extremely helpful to the project by demonstrating the overwhelming demand for this activity!  There will be at least one more important time to voice your support during the official public review and comment period of the EA -- scheduled to happen in October.
As it stands now, Gravity Logic will be on-site this summer to design and flag the new trails, we will complete the Environmental Analysis with the US Forest Service, and we will complete our operational plans.  If the EA is approved, our team will be ready to start building as soon as the snow melts next summer (2011).

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